casualty cas‧u‧al‧ty [ˈkæʒuəlti] noun casualties PLURALFORM [countable]
1. a person, project, or company that suffers very badly or goes out of business as a result of something:

• The airline is the latest casualty of the recession.

• The marketing department was one of the first casualties of the budget freeze.

2. INSURANCE an accident that causes injury, damage, or loss

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casualty UK US /ˈkæʒjuəlti/ noun [C] (plural casualties)
something or someone that suffers or fails because of an event: a casualty of sth »

Nonprofit groups may find funding for their projects among the first casualties of the budget problem.


Relationships can become a casualty of workplace stress.

the first/latest/major casualty »

Smith is the latest casualty in a series of sackings at the organization.

LAW a person who is killed or injured in an accident, attack, etc.: cause/inflict casualties »

Food products have been contaminated, causing human casualties and considerable economic loss.


reduce/minimize/prevent casualties


sustain/suffer casualties

INSURANCE property that is damaged or destroyed in an accident, or the accident that causes this: »

The hirer was liable for the collision, unless the casualty was proved to have been caused by the failure of the boat's owners to make it seaworthy.

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